GHENT, NY  — With its presentation “Promoting Wool Fashion and Sustainability to the Flooring Industry and the Consumer” Fabulous Floors Magazine is participating in the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) Congress 2012 Marketing Developments for Wool in Interior Textiles & Lifestyle session on May 8, 2012 at the Hudson Theater, New York, NY. Margo Locust, Fabulous Floors’ publisher and Editor in Chief, and Lis Calandrino, Fabulous Floors’ Associate Publisher will present.


Fabulous Floors has featured wool and wool-rich floorcoverings since our inception. For four years we have worked with the Campaign for Wool’s Bridgette Kelly to produce a stand-alone wool section within the magazine. In each issue, we focus on the fashion and functional points of wool, converting our aspirational reader into a bona fide buyer,” explains Fabulous Floors’ publisher Margo Locust. “The current industry and consumer focus on green, sustainable and environmentally-neutral home furnishings reinforces the unique position wool holds in interior design.”


Some of the many benefits of wool and wool-rich carpeting and rugs that Fabulous Floors has promoted over the years include wool products’ design flexibility, resilience and durability, noise and thermal insulation, health and environmental properties, and ease of maintenance.


The IWTO is an industry associate of the Campaign for Wool. The Campaign for Wool promotes and champions wool to reinvigorate the global wool industry. The Campaign is multi-national, multi-sector and inclusive, embracing all sections of wool users from the very largest companies to specialist artisans.


Fabulous Floors’ upcoming wool initiative partners with the Campaign for Wool to launch its North American campaign. At the forefront of this effort is The Wool Book, an eighty-plus page luxe custom publication that showcases the relevance of wool to the contemporary consumer. Fabulous Floors is supporting the Campaign for Wool and The Wool Book on its website, www.fabulousfloorsmag.com, in a digital edition and a planned custom mobile application. The Wool Book will be distributed through Fabulous Floors’ network of industry, retail and partner channels.


According to Bridget Kelly, The Wool Book will feature a range of interior products – carpet and rugs, bedding and upholstery, including some interesting wool features too – the history of sheep, Tweed, Savile Row,  etc.. There will be designer comments/features and the overall look of the publication will be spacious and stylish with strong imagery. The core of the book will feature a” Wool Knowledge” chapter – that will offer essential information on the attributes of the fiber to help educate the reader.


For more information about the IWTO Congress 2012 or The Wool Book contact Margo Locust at 678-761-5002 or at margo@fabulousfloorsmag.com.